For a couple of years now, I’ve wanted to do a bullet journal. The bullet journal system was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY. It’s basically a way to keep all of your thoughts, lists, or anything you want to do, stay organized. I like the idea of keeping everything all in one solid notebook. I’ve tried and failed many times to keep various to do lists in various notebooks, and they all end up scattered around, and about a quarter used up, with random thoughts and lists everywhere.

I decided to go with the popular Leuchtturm A5 notebook with dotted pages. I’m normally a fan of the Moleskine line of squared notebooks, but I’ve discovered the Leuchtturm to be really nice due to the wider size. I also like the dotted pages, as they are neat little guides to draw lines, charts, or doodle. I also discovered that a lot of people use washi tape, which is basically a type of tape made from natural fibers and suitable for paper and various projects, and perfect for journaling or scrapbooking.  Pinterest led me to the website cutetape, so I ordered a bunch of nice styles.  I can’t wait to get them and see how my journal progresses in the next few months. I also am using some of my favorite pens such as Pigma Micron and the Marvy Uchida LePen. Plenty of this book will be used for my GA class for notes, to do, projects, and meetings with fellow classmates. Let’s see how I do. 🙂


In my first blog post, I mentioned that I was looking at various coding bootcamps.  Pretty quickly I realized that that doing a course on a campus is very well suited for me, as I learn well in a classroom environment where I can speak to the instructor and meet other classmates to interact with and ask questions.  It lets me focus more on my tasks if I surround myself in that environment.

After looking at a few (non-accredited) bootcamps and training programs, I narrowed it down to General Assembly in New York City.  I liked the coursework description, the fact that they have multiple campus across the US (and the world), and also found very good reviews about them online. Although expensive, the cost of the program that I was looking at seemed better than the rest. So I decided to apply to GA’s Web Development Immersive program….








and I got accepted!

Time to take a deep breath and go full steam ahead!  I start at the end of February. I’m pretty excited, and will write about my admissions process in the next post!  Time to get started on my prework!