Last day of my web development bootcamp today! I’ve (re)learned so much in three months. It’s been a roller coaster . Now onto going to many Meetups and finding a job. If anyone has word of web developer positions, please let me know! Thank you for my family and friends support throughout all of this!


Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

I have been so busy these last few weeks that I’ve not been able to post!  We have one more lesson tomorrow, and then our final project on whatever tech we’d like to use.

In the last few weeks we’ve learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails and completed a group project. My group did a wedding planner project which was fun to work on, and came together quite well considering!


React JS

This week we’re learning React, which is hard to wrap my head around, but I know all I need is reps and practice.  I’d love to be able to get that down as much as Javascript. I love how fast and responsive it is.

Now I need to think of something for my fourth and final project!  Also need to get my portfolio up and running.