This week we continued working with node.js for our backend. We installed a few npm modules such as express and mustache (a popular template system for Javascript), and body-parser so that we can work with JSON.  We started to work on integrating creating routes in express, and tying them into our PostgreSQL database.  Routing and rendering are a little bit fuzzy at the moment, but I know with practice I’ll understand it more and more.  We are closer to creating a full CRUD app, which I believe will be our next project. I’ve also started to think about doing my portfolio and other site projects.  Not sure how to lay it out yet, but I’ll let myself have some fun with[…]

Week four came and went, with much learning as always! We started to learn node.js and express, as well as PostgresSQL.  We usually learn something new in the afternoons, then work on other tech we’ve learned and practice in the mornings. Same with homework (each day). We also learned how to install modules with npm for nodejs. Learning ajax was interesting, as I was always curious how that works. Things are starting to click more, so I’m grateful for that. Onto week five!

Happy first day of Spring!   We just finished week three at GA last week (my post is a bit delayed). We had to create our first game in HTML, CSS and Javascript.  I decided to do a “shooting” game based on my love for coffee 😀 It’s technically “done” but definitely can use some improvement. The “click” functionality is a bit delayed, and I need to work on the timing. I also have some more features I’d like to add. I had a ton of fun working on it, and hope to work on it more after we learn more of the backend. I hope to update the blog this weekend with what we did this week!