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Installing Ghost

I have used Wordpress for blogging since the mid 2000's. I've worked with a LAMP stack for many years, configuring software on Linux on shared hosting services for my personal blogs. I restarted a fresh blog last year when I started my coding bootcamp, which I've left a bit stagnant sadly.

To spruce it back up and get back to my blogging goals, and since I'm a curious person, I've been looking for blogging software that uses a newer tech stack - something that I'm now slightly more familiar with since I took my coding bootcamp. I stumbled upon Ghost, which uses MySQL, Nginx and Node JS. I figured I'd be able to understand the code a bit more and even create some custom components, although Ghost looks pretty awesome out of the box. It's pretty simple to set up (for a technical person) on the backend, and writing up posts are straightfoward since it uses Markdown. It's a minimal syntax for marking up your documents with formatting, using punctuation and special characters.

It took an afternoon due to some unfamiliarity with the setup, but I was able to get Ghost up and running on my small VPS! I'm exciting to try to blog with it now, and customize it eventually if needed. Here's to hopefully more blogging in 2018!


Liz Rodriguez

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