In my first blog post, I mentioned that I was looking at various coding bootcamps.  Pretty quickly I realized that that doing a course on a campus is very well suited for me, as I learn well in a classroom environment where I can speak to the instructor and meet other classmates to interact with and ask questions.  It lets me focus more on my tasks if I surround myself in that environment.

After looking at a few (non-accredited) bootcamps and training programs, I narrowed it down to General Assembly in New York City.  I liked the coursework description, the fact that they have multiple campus across the US (and the world), and also found very good reviews about them online. Although expensive, the cost of the program that I was looking at seemed better than the rest. So I decided to apply to GA’s Web Development Immersive program….








and I got accepted!

Time to take a deep breath and go full steam ahead!  I start at the end of February. I’m pretty excited, and will write about my admissions process in the next post!  Time to get started on my prework!

Hi and welcome! I’m on the fence on taking a coding bootcamp (immersive or otherwise) in order to change careers. Ironically, I already have a CS degree, but I went over to the IT/system/support side. A case of burnout has left me with a decision, to dive into a bootcamp or not? Part time or full time immersive? Front-end, back-end, full stack? It’s quite pricey for such an investment, so is it worth it?  Are other people out there in the same boat as me?  As I scour the web for answers, I figure writing down my thoughts and feelings will help me with this decision. In the meantime, I plan to learn by watching and reading courses from Udemy, Codecademy, and FreeCodeCamp.  Come with me on my journey to web development!