Week Five Update

This week we continued working with node.js for our backend. We installed a few npm modules such as express and mustache (a popular template system for Javascript), and body-parser so that we can work with JSON.  We started to work on integrating creating routes in express, and tying them into our PostgreSQL database.  Routing and rendering are a little bit fuzzy at the moment, but I know with practice I’ll understand it more and more.  We are closer to creating a full CRUD app, which I believe will be our next project.

I’ve also started to think about doing my portfolio and other site projects.  Not sure how to lay it out yet, but I’ll let myself have some fun with CSS and JQuery!

Liz Rodriguez

A former systems engineer on the way to become a software engineer. 👩🏽‍💻 Join me as I write about life, creativity, design, code and all sorts of tech!

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