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Week Two Update

It’s week two here at web dev bootcamp, and so far so good. We’ve been learning html/CSS, and (vanilla) Javascript elements, scoping, and how to manipulate the DOM. It’s amazing how much you can learn in a few weeks on your own (doing some pre-work before class starts) and in a week during instruction. My classmates are pretty awesome, and we all know we are in the same boat, which helps us grow and learn from each other. The instructors and TA are great and have a sense of humor, which helps when you’re doing labs or homework. I love that our lesson themes revolve around comics, sci-fi, or the like.

To make things a bit bearable in the crappy rain, today is $1 burritos at Dos Toros at their new location in Flatiron. My priorities are in check 😀

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